Nadia Lapointe - B.Sc.(PT), D.O.M.P., Certified Pilates Teacher

Nadia is a Physiotherapist, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and Certified Pilates Teacher. She graduated from the University of Ottawa in the Physiotherapy program in 2000 and from the Canadian College of Osteopathy in 2010.

She was the very first practitioner to offer osteopathy treatments in Timmins.  As her practice grew, she incorporated Pilates as a method of rehabilitation to her services. In 2012, she opened The Movement Studio, a multidisciplinary clinic that now includes Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Nadia’s initial reason for studying osteopathy was to help clients who suffered chronic pain and were not getting lasting results with other traditional treatment. Her passion is in finding the source of a client’s suffering and applying osteopathic treatments to allow the body to self-heal. Even after 20 years of practicing full time, she continues to be amazed with osteopathy and its principles and never ceases to learn.