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Breath Work

Breathing Education

Ribcage Release

Chair Exercises

Chair Mobility

Decompression Stretches

L5 S1 Spine Decompression

Global Spine Decompression Routine

Spine Pandiculation Tension Release

Hips & Spine

Hip & Pelvis Decompression Stretch

Hip Rotations using strap

Hip Flexor Strength SLR

Hip and spine mobility

Morning Routines

Morning Routine

Étirements du matin 20 min FRANCAIS

Pilates Classes

Intermediate Pilates

Kids Pilates

Beginner Pilates 35 minute Class Nadia

Pilates Foundation Exercises

Neutral Bridge

Hip Sways

Hip Folds

Arm Arcs

Shoulders & Arms

Shoulder Routine no mic

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Strengthening

Serratus Strengthening

Scapula and Shoulder Stability

Cross Body Strengthening

Arm Routine


Calf Stretch

Etirements du cou